Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 20 & 21 - Port Renfrew (#4)

Peter and I went out to Port Renfrew to see how the fishing was. It was also a chance to test out the camping capabilities of Natural C-lection. The camping worked well and we both slept on board in the marina. Up early and spent a long but very pleasant day on the water. We did not see any chinoook, but came home with our limit of 4 coho. We also hit coho on the bucktail in 500 feet of water!
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Trailering the boat is not super easy. I am not convinced that the surge brakes are working properly and the fact that the boat slips back after being pulled up the ramp makes it move around more than I would like on the trailer. For some reason, the radar did not want to work when we were out in the strait, but it worked fine in the marina... need to figure out why.
87 km

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