Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 5th - Constance Bank (#24)

Martin and I went out again to Constance Bank to look for some more coho. We stopped first and emptied Martin's prawn traps near the launch ramp and then went out to the bank. On our way we dropped out traps at two locations near the bank (#63 and #64). the traps were well weighted and has 300+ ft of line in spite of about a 200 ft depth. We fished for a while, and things were pretty quite. We hooked and landed one nice coho (while watching the MS Coho come in and out of Victoria!) at #65. After we decided that coho fishing was too slow we tried our hand jigging for halibut on the bottom with no success. When we decided that we were done we went looking for our two prawn traps, but they were nowhere to be seen! Amazingly we found trap#64 at  location #65 and then after much more searching found trap # 63 at location #66!. So no gear was lost! (we thought we had probably lost all of them!) . The weather conditions were great, and we were lcuk that it was easy to see the traps at a good distance.
Overall route - click to enlarge

Click to enlarge - zoom on Constance Bank

52 km.

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