Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19th - Saanich Inlet Prawning (#11)

I met Pete with his twins Margo and Graeme at Tsartlip ramp to head out for an afternoon of prawning.
The weather was a bit cool to start with but it cleared up and the sun came out. We put our traps out and left them for about 3 hours. We came home with   334 prawns! Again, the catch was pretty variable, ranging from 4 to 135 per trap, and salmon carcass being the most productive. One trap had a small red Irish lord who seemed to have helped himself to a few prawns! The motor trim lessons from the last trip continued to be applicable as we were able to reach 50 kph and 5900 rpm fairly easily.
After dropping the traps, we went up to Coal Point and then over to Mill bay and then down the coast to Spectacle falls. From Spectacle Falls back to the traps we went at about 1700 rpm and 9 kph with Graeme at the helm (the yellow section). Margo did a great job of keeping stats on the prawn traps
The trap puller also worked well!
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50 km.

The last two trips were about 66 km and used about 50 L of fuel - approx 1.3 km/L

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