Monday, April 1, 2013

March 31st - Haro Strait (#12)

Monica and I launched Natural C-lection early in the morning too take advantage of a 8 + foot Oak Bay tide to launch from the North ramp at Cattle point. We then went around to Cadboro Bay where I dropped Monica off on the beach and then put Natural C-lection on my mooring. Later in the morning Kyle came by and we took the boat into Haro Strait to try some Halibut fishing. We also dropped some crab traps off by Discovery island. The weather was beautiful - sunny and little wind but the current was running pretty strong and we did not have any bites. I did manage to catch the bottom with my jigs a couple of times, resulting in some lost gear... :-(
We tried a few different spots and then came back for the crab traps that had only picked up a few red rock crabs which we returned to the water.
On making it back to the ramp around 5:15, the tide was at 5.5 ft and we  had a challenge getting the boat out of the water. I had to use the winch and work hard to wind it onto the bunks. I should have used the 18 inch trailer extension! I wonder if an electric winch or a more powerful/better geared manual winch would help....
Anyway, it was a great day on the water, and I learned several things! I also need to figure out how to use my anchor puller system.
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56 km

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