Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21st - overnight with Jenny (#14)

Jenny met me at Tsartlip ramp just after Pete and the twins had left (thanks for the drop off Monica!) and we set out to drop the prawn traps and go for an over night and a bit of a cruise. It was still a bit windy but we were able to put our traps down OK and then made our way to Portland Island. We had though of anchoring in Royal cove, but did not have a dinghy so lining to the shore was not possible. Instead, we made our way around to the bay by the Pellow islets which we had to ourselves. We anchored in about 10 feet of water and had a quiet night in the bay.
After breakfast the next day we set off to cruise over to Sturdies bay for a recce. We went for a slow cruise along the shore of Prevost and then scooted through Active Pass to avoid ferry traffic. On our way back to the ramp we stopped to pull our prawn traps and came home with around 140 prawns again. I think that there is a much greater likelihood of getting crabs, starfish and fish in the traps if one has a longer set...
The combine trips of today and yesterday covered about 140 km and used about 95 L of gas, so again about 1.5 km/L. Much of the trip was at fairly high speed.
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close up of the prawn zone
108 km

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