Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5th - Gulf Islands (#15)

Monica and I set out from Tulista ramp on Saturday morning to meet up with our long-time friends Jack and Mary who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary by staying at the Galiano Inn in Sturdies Bay (ours is in September!). There was a stiff northerly wind which created enough chop that we could not go too fast, so it took us just under an hour and a half to get to Sturdies Bay. After having coffee with Jack and Mary and organizing moorage at the Inn's dock, we set off to spend the afternoon cruising around (the wind had dropped and stayed down for the rest of our trip). We went to Montague Harbour where we had lunch and went for a short hike. we then went up to Wallace Island and cruised around it too before coming back to Sturdies Bay for the evening (great dinner at the Inn!). Monica and I slept in Natural C-lection and were rocked around by the occasional wake and bumped by a floating log a few times. We had a great breakfast (Eggs Benny all around!) at the Galiano Grand Central Emporium, after which Jack and Mary caught their ferry back to the mainland and home to Alberta. Monica and I decided to cruise a bit more and went around Mayne, past Saturna and over to Pender, into Bedwell harbour and through the gap to have lunch at the pub in Browning harbour. After lunch we made our way back to Sidney, A glorious sunny weekend!
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138 km, 100 L (so about 1.4 km/l...)

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