Monday, August 5, 2013

July 31-August 3 - Clayoquot Sound (#17)

Pete, Kyle and I went for a few days of salmon fishing in Clayoquot sound. The main focus of the trip was bucktailing for coho, but we did go offshore a few times looking for chinook. The weather was excellent for fishing not too sunny, but not windy or rainy either so the seas were calm throughout. Three of us were able to sleep on board, one in the V-berth, one on the dinette and one in the companionway! One night was spent in the Tofino harbour, one night in a cove on the north side of Vargas Island and another night on the west side of Bartlett Island. The C-dory performed well as a fishing boat and the modifications I had made the week before worked well also. The fishing was not fast for coho inshore, and we had to work hard to find fish. We did manage to have an amazing coho frenzy for a couple of hours where we could not keep the fish of the flies! I managed to delete or lose the track for the first few hours of the trip, so the track was estimated from memory...
The leak from the anchor locker into the v-berth is still "active", so I need to get that fixed. I also have lost the pin end for the hinge of the anchor chain deck pipe and will have to figure out a replacement.
Pete, Kyle and I had a great time. Lots of laughs and some very good fishing at times.
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318 km, approx 237 L, 1.34 l/km (this seems to be pretty average mileage when loaded for camping)

Our next trip is as a mother ship for a kayak fishing exploration in Kyuquot sound and then a few days up in the Broughton Archipelago.

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