Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 24-28 - Ladysmith and northern gulf Islands (#43)

Monica and I went up to Ladysmith to participate in the C-dory gathering there. We had a great time getting together with other C-dory owners and then went over to Pirates Cove for Sunday lunch and then Silva Bay for Sunday night. We then made our way down to princess Cove on Wallace for Monday night, exploring the cliffs of Valdez on the way. When we left Ladysmith there was a very darl cloud behind us over Vancouver Island. The heavy rains in Victoria and area missed us!
I was able to test the Torqueedo and the Kaboat, both of which worked well. The key for using the Torqueedo is to keep the power to under 150 Watts and then one has plenty of range and a reasonable speed. The Pelican 45 quart cooler works very well as a food cooler.

click to enlarge
the kaboat track around Wallace - click to enlarge
232 km,

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