Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 30 to August 2nd - Clayoquot Sound (#44)

Peter, Graeme and I went to Clayoquot Sound for 3 nights. We were trying for our annual flyfishing for coho but had very little success - 2 coho in 3 days! The three of us were able to camp and live on board without too much trouble as well as fish. I modified the bimini so that it can easily be raised out of the way when fishing and the new set up works well. We decided to go and visit Kyle in Hot Springs Cove so we made our way around Flores Island and spent a wonderful our in the springs - all to ourselves! We also got to check out Kyle's property. I was happy with how everything worked on board, and the camping was good - nice weather - but the coho fishing was disappointing.
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229 km, 172 l, 1.33 km/l or 3.13 mpg (port engine 272 hrs, starboard 274 hrs)

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